Elevating over 1,000 events with premier music and customized entertainment planning since 2005, our 10-piece horn band consisting of full-time professionals has been crafting unforgettable experiences seamlessly integrated into every moment of each affair.

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At Elevation Band®, we understand that music is the heartbeat of every memorable wedding, setting the tone and atmosphere for your special day. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond performance, deeply into the meticulous planning of each event’s unique musical landscape. About a month before your wedding, the journey begins with a crucial step: a comprehensive planning call led by our experienced Bandleader.

This initial consultation is the cornerstone of our tailored approach. During the call, we dive into the intricate details of your event, from song selections and parent dances to toasts and special dedications. It’s not just about choosing songs; it’s about weaving these selections into the fabric of your celebration, timing each piece to highlight and elevate the evening’s formalities.

Whether it’s the grandeur of bridal introductions, the joyous energy of Jewish traditions like the Hora and Crowning ceremony, or the ambiance of cocktail and dinner music, our expertise ensures that the music flows seamlessly with every pivotal moment.

But our planning doesn’t stop at musical selections. We discuss the logistics of meal courses—from whether salads are preset to the timing of the entree service—to synchronize our performances with the evening’s rhythm, ensuring a harmonious blend of culinary and musical experiences. Your preferences are our blueprint; we craft a customized playlist that resonates with your taste, including must-play anthems and a do-not-play list, tailoring the soundtrack of your night to perfection.

Our coordination efforts extend beyond the music. Prior to your event, we liaise with venues to address the technical logistics crucial for a flawless performance. This includes sound equipment load-in, electrical requirements, staging, and lighting, ensuring that every technical aspect is in harmony with your vision.

On the night of the event, our Co-Bandleaders take on a pivotal role, working in tandem with the night-of maître d’ and other vendors. This collaboration is key to ensuring the evening unfolds without a hitch, from the first note to the last dance. Our hands-on approach guarantees that every element, from sound to staging, integrates flawlessly, allowing you to immerse yourself in the joy of the occasion.

At Elevation Band®, we pride ourselves on not just being a band, but a comprehensive entertainment planning partner. Our dedication to detailed planning and coordination ensures that your wedding music encapsulates the essence of your love story, making your special day an unforgettable symphony of moments.


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July 15th, 2024

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    Elevation Band® is a distinguished ensemble known for electrifying performances in Philadelphia and its beyond. Led by Michael Jarosz, its founder and trumpet player, the band has secured its place as a premier option for high end luxurious events. This prominence stems from the cohesive efforts of its seasoned members, who bring a blend of professionalism and dynamic energy to every performance.

    Distinctive for their rich experience, Elevation Band® members have collaborated with stars like Beyonce, Will Smith, and Jennifer Lopez, as well as legends like Wayne Newton and Patti LaBelle. Their extensive portfolio showcases their versatility and expertise, contributing to the band’s high demand and loyal following. This success is attributed to their commitment to superior musicianship and a vibrant stage presence, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

    With a legacy built on excellence and a passion for entertainment, Elevation Band® is the go-to band for an exceptional musical journey, making every event a standout celebration. 


    Elevation Band® is honored to be recognized as a premier choice among New Jersey wedding bands. Under the leadership of Michael Jarosz, the band distinguishes itself with unparalleled professionalism, seamlessly connecting New Jersey with Philadelphia through its exceptional musical services. Elevation Band® is celebrated for its broad and energetic selection of music, spanning the most beloved Top 40 hits across various eras of popular music.

    Featuring an ensemble that includes talented vocalists, a three-piece horn section, and a vibrant rhythm section, Elevation Band® delivers a compelling live performance experience reminiscent of a dynamic jukebox. Their repertoire covers a wide array of genres, from Motown and funk to classic rock, modern pop, and beyond, making Elevation Dance Band a highly sought-after entity for weddings in New Jersey.

    Elevation Band® offers comprehensive musical services tailored to each phase of your event, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to full event sound reinforcement. This ensures a seamless and memorable auditory experience that elevates every moment of your special day.